Long Island’s Premier Science Camp For Ages 6-11

ESSK Areas Of Exploration

For Ages 6-11

Each two-week ESSK session is theme-based and explores all sciencetific areas of study. 


Extreme STEAM Science Kids offers a sequential approach to the study of robots. Starting with Code and Go and Dash, then progressing to  SnappyXO. Students will learn Mechanical Systems (motors and servos), Electrical Systems (Power supplies, circuits), Introduction to Programming (Driving, Mapping), Introduction to Sensors (Ultrasonic, Sound, Light, Touch), Advanced Programming (Logic Statements, Variables).

Designing and Building a Robot

  • Programming your Robot
  • Using Sensors
  • Challenges: The Maze, Relay Races, Basketball, Soccer

Computer Science

Computer Programming, or Coding, has been identified as an essential skill for 21st-century living.  According to Douglas Rushkoff, Digital Literacy Advocate of CodeAcademy – the founders of the Hour of Code-  “Code literacy is a requirement for participation in a digital world.”  At Extreme STEAM Science Kids, we introduce students to coding both in our Robotics laboratory, as well as our coding room.  

Students will learn to develop an understanding of coding through the creation of:

  • Digital Games and Stories
  • Digital and Stop-Motion Animation
  • Programming using Scratch, from M.I.T’s Media Lab
  • Digital Blogs and Websites


“…Minecraft is an open world that promotes creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving.” Minecraft can also be used to teach different STEM subjects as well as art and poetry.


Engineering Topics Include:

  • Introduction to the Engineering and the Design Process
  • Styrofoam Car Design
  • Roller Coasters
  • Bridge Design

Extreme STEAM Science Kids will be engaged in the Engineering Design process in our problem-based learning curriculum. Students will brainstorm, design, build, test, and evaluate their designs in a variety of projects as diverse as:

  • Bridge Design
  • Roller Coasters
  • Boat Building
  • Rockets
  • Car Design
  • And Much More

Life, Physical & Earth Science

Science Topics Include:

  • The Scientific Method
  • Topics in Biology: DNA, Ecosystems, Anatomy
  • Topics in Chemistry: Chemical Reactions
  • Topics in Earth Science: Weather, Geology, Hydroponics
  • Topics in Physics: Motion, Forces

Whether it’s Earth and Space, Physics, Chemistry, or Life Sciences, students at Extreme STEAM Science Kids are actively engaged in the Scientific Method, approaching each new topic in Science as an opportunity to hypothesize and test their understandings in the way Science was meant to be practiced. Students will conduct experiments such as:

  • Dissections
  • DNA Extraction
  • Chemical Reactions
  • Newton’s Laws
  • Geology
  • Meteorology


The study of Mathematics is not simply memorizing rote problem-solving. Mathematics at Extreme STEAM Science Kids opens the doors to a world of Math as making meaning and revealing patterns in our universe. Students will be engaged in challenging activities involving:

  • Patterns and Sequencing
  • Fractals
  • Geometry
  • Logic
  • Graphical Representations
  • Symmetry

Artistic Design

Campers will explore the close connections between science and art.  They will develop innovative thinking and problem-solving skills. Campers will be able to analyze and approach artwork from multiple perspectives.  They will collaborate and learn from friends.  Art allows campers to imagine, investigate, create, and reflect. Looking closely at works of art, they will be encouraged to notice details, ask questions, and create meaning. Young artists will have the opportunity to experiment in a variety of media throughout the summer, creating open-ended projects that will develop their imaginations. Art projects will also directly relate to the Extreme STEAM curriculum and will meet NY State Learning Standards for the Arts. Campers will also visit the Heckscher Museum galleries which will be a perfect introduction to the Museum experience. The instructor will guide students to make observations, find evidence to support their opinions, and develop visual literacy.

Our program in Art enhances our student’s abilities in:

  • Design
  • Balance
  • Positive and Negative Space
  • Aesthetic Values
  • Art Appreciation
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