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Extreme STEAM Science Kids at Park Shore is a one-of-a-kind educational summer science program designed for children completing first through fifth grades, geared to stimulate their curiosity in science. Extreme STEAM Science Kids has developed a curriculum centered around STEAM (SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, THE ARTS and MATHEMATICS) and takes place in our NEW State-of-the-Art STEAM Science Center. This program is student-centered, inquiry-based, and hands-on. Students are challenged through innovative and thought provoking laboratory inquiries to develop hypothesis, test and analyze data, and draw pertinent scientific conclusions. These activities are designed to develop a child’s critical thinking, creative design skills, and their confidence in tackling new understandings of their universe. The programs at Extreme STEAM Science Kids is universal in scope and sequence, truly integrating the basic sciences with the latest in technology and engineering. Students will have a core focus in:  Robotics, Engineering, Life Science, Physical Science, Earth Science & Coding.


  • Focused on STEAM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering, The Arts and Mathematics)
  • Designed to develop a child’s critical thinking, creative design skills, adaptability, problem solving, and their confidence
  • Activities at Extreme STEAM Science Kids encourage curiosity, creative thinking, and insight into the Laws of Nature
  • Focus in Robotics, Engineering, Life, Physical & Earth Science and Coding
  • Afternoon regular camp session available for children completing grades 1-5
  • State-of-the-Art STEAM Science Center featuring: Internet Access, Wifi, Marine Touch Tank, Aquariums with Fish and Reptiles, and High End Interactive Experiments
  • Access to Park Shore’s 15 acre campus
  • Science based Field Trips


Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics
• iPads
• Marine Touch Tank
• Aquariums with Fish & Reptiles
• Computer Labs
• High-End Interactive Experiments
• Internet Access
• Artistic Design
• Robotics, Programming, Engineering, Life, Physical & Earth Science and Coding
• Develop Critical Thinking, Collaborative Teamwork, Adaptability & Creativity