Extreme STEAM Science Kids Skills For Life

Featuring courses in Cooking, Survival Readiness, Robotics, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, Gardening, and so much more! 

Upcoming 2023 Sessions

Extreme STEAM Science Kids offers innovative, hands-on science and real-life experiences that introduce them to the wonders of science and the world around them. At ESSK, we believe that learning should be fun and exciting, not just educational. That’s why our enrichment courses are designed to engage your child’s imagination and spark their creativity, while still teaching them valuable life skills.

Your child can become a pioneer, a groundbreaker, a pathfinder, an inventor, and a leading light into the future with ESSK Skills For Life! Our program goes beyond building robots, making dishes, or following maps. It’s about empowering your child to feel connected, confident, and involved in the world around them.

Spring Session 1

March 21st – May 4th (excluding the week of April 3rd)

Spring Session 2

May 9th – June 15th

Check Back Soon for our Fall Schedule!

Email for class details and more information. 

Young Chefs

  • Undergo hands-on cooking experiences and bring home a new dish for your family to enjoy each week!
  • Learn appropriate knife skills using child-friendly cutlery 
  • Grasp proper kitchen and food sanitation techniques 
  • Evaluate recipes and generate measurement conversions 
  • Discover important nutritional facts about the foods we put into our bodies 
  • Cook in our commercial kitchen

Survival Readiness

  • Explore our 15-acre campus while learning both orienteering and map reading skills
  • Gain competence and confidence in planning and critical thinking
  • Be taught food preservation techniques and prepare dehydrated foods
  • Understand the importance of clean water and learn how to clean dirty water 
  • Discover situational awareness techniques and basic first aid using natural methodology 
  • Learn strategies and skills necessary to survive in a world without

Garden Growers

  • Grow vegetables and microgreens using both soil and hydroponic methods 
  • Learn to start seed using direct sowing and transplant techniques 
  • Design and install an irrigation system 
  • Determine and balance ph levels 
  • Create compost and discover how important it is to the gardening process 
  • Forage for seedlings and plants on our 15-acre campus

Junior Robotics

  • Explore the role of robots in today’s society 
  • Master commands through integrated code 
  • Maneuver through your own original mazes 
  • Create a variety of environments for your robot to explore
  • Conceptualize quests with your team for your robot to endure! 

Mechanical Engineering Junior

  • Become the Inventor of your very own machines and fun contraptions 
  • Learn the design process and mechanical engineering 
  • Innovate and navigate through a set of structural design challenges 
  • Brainstorm and collaborate with your team to test stability, go fishing, assist in a rescue, determine trajectory, and much more
  • Test, modify, and retest your designs to succeed!

Senior Robotics, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

  • Dive into the design process
  • Gain knowledge in the fields of mechanical and electrical engineering
  • Learn how to use and program a microcontroller
  • Explore the usage of sensors in different environments
  • Build a robot that will perform a unique function

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