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Welcome To The Summer of 2021!


Thank you for choosing Extreme STEAM Science Kids at Park Shore! We can’t wait to see you! We know you may have questions before arriving at Park Shore this summer, so we’ve gathered information to help answer some of those. You can always contact us with questions or concerns at 631-499-8580 or email us.

Curriculum Themes & Session Overview

Welcome to the Extreme STEAM Science Kids Camp Summer of 2021! We are so excited to be back at our beautiful Science home away from home! We are kicking off our summer with four fantastic blocks of curriculum which will immerse our Science campers in their passion for Robotics, Engineering, Coding, Life, Physical and Earth Science, Art and so much more! 

Each two-week block will incorporate lessons and projects which tie directly into the overall theme and will engage every child in the appreciation of science and how science will relate to them in the future! We believe that teaching the 21st-century skills of Critical Thinking, Collaborative Teamwork, Creativity, and Adaptability will add to our Science camper’s future success in a rapidly changing world.

This year we are proud to celebrate the Grand Opening of our new, state-of-the-art Hydroponics Grow Lab, which will be run by Mr. Dave and incorporated into the Life, Physical, and Earth Science aspect of our curriculum!  We will be sharing updates from our instructors with you throughout the summer and posting pictures of the children in full STEAM-Action on the Park Shore Photo Gallery, so be sure to check it out!

Thank you for sharing your Young Scientists with us – we are thrilled to have them as part of this spectacular program and look forward to watching them learn, grow, create, build, imagine and collaborate while having an amazing time! 

Block One (6/28 – 7/9) Ingenious Inventions

We are kicking off the ESSK Summer of 2021 with Ingenious Inventions! This exciting topic will include lessons about the history of inventions, famous inventors, and their impact on today’s world! Throughout this block the children will immerse themselves in the design process, develop skills in engineering, the design process, critical thinking and will collaborate with their teammates to problem-solve and create something new and exciting!  These skills will be applied throughout the course of the summer in every other curriculum topic we cover in many ways.  We can’t wait to see all of the creativity and ingenuity that will flow during the course of these two weeks and the weeks to follow!


Block Two (7/12 – 7/23) Under the Sea

Let’s dive into the deep together where our young scientists will be immersed in the understanding of Marine Biology and the Marine Ecosystem!  Together we will examine many beautiful creatures and marine life, weather patterns, tides, coral reefs, food sources and so much more!  We may even get a live (virtual) dolphin show from the famous Dolphin Research Center located in the Florida Keys as well as live-streaming events from aquariums near and far! Our engineering and robotics projects will tie directly into this wonderful theme as we collaborate to create aquatic transportation so the tradition of the Park Shore Regatta can sail on! 

Block Three (7/26 – 8/6) Planet Earth

This vast topic will encompass so many important aspects of Science as we examine all the things that make our planet so valuable and so vulnerable at the same time! We will discuss topics such as plant and animal life, hydroponics, geology and of course, Recycling and Upcycling!  What can we create from recyclable and reusable materials from our own homes? What types of robots can we build to help preserve our environment?  How do we design and build a birdhouse? This generation is wonderfully aware of the importance of preservation, and we can’t wait to see the fantastic ideas they come up with to Save our Planet!


Block Four (8/9 – 8/20) Crazy Chemistry!

As we wrap up our final two weeks of STEAM, our amazing ESSK Scientists will go Crazy for Chemistry! Each class will work on awesome experiments that will help them to learn and understand the different states of matter (liquids, solids and gases) and how they play a role in our everyday lives!  Homemade thermometers, fog catchers, paper roller coasters, rockets, volcanoes and more! This will be a CRAZY fun and exciting way to wrap up the Extreme STEAM Summer of 2021! 

Camp Dates

June 28 – August 20, 2021

Park Shore will be closed on Monday, July 5th in observance of the July 4th holiday.

Camp Hours

Regular Camp Hours: 8:45am – 3:30pm

Before Care begins at  7:45am

After Care ends at 5:30pm

Should you require additional information, our office is open Monday-Friday, 7am-5pm and throughout the summer Monday through Friday between 7:30am and 5:30pm to assist you. Our answering machine is activated between 5:30pm and 7:30am should you need to leave a message.


In compliance with the Department of Health, the forms below are mandatory and essential for the well-being and safety of your child. These forms MUST be completed and signed prior to the first day of camp. If Park Shore does not have the completed and signed forms, we will not be able to permit your child to start camp until they are signed and received. According to NYS Department of Health Regulations and the Suffolk County Department of Health, all campers attending day and resident camps must have on file a recently completed Health form with important contact information, documentation of physical exam (within the past 12 months), a documented vaccination record and written verification from your health care provider that your child may attend and participate in all camp activities or a statement of activity restrictions, if pertinent. We ask that you supply us with a completed Health Form which includes contact information, your physician’s signature, stamp, and evidence of physical exam. We appreciate your immediate attention to this matter and look forward to an amazing fun-filled summer. Thank you for your cooperation. If you have any questions, please call our office at (631) 499-8580.


Pre-Camp Health Screening Forms

Pre-Camp Health Screening (7 Day) Form With COVID-19 Negative Test

Pre-Camp Health Screening (14 Day) Form Temperature Only

Other Forms

2021 Health Form, Physical Exam, Immunization Schedule Forms*

Medication Consent Form

Re-Entry Form

Camper Profile

Sunscreen, Hand Sanitizer & Insect Repellent

How to Submit Forms

  1. FAX: 631-499-6917
  2. Email: dawn@parkshoredaycamp.com
  3. Drop Off
  4. Mail

The PARK SHORE NUTRITIOUS and DELICIOUS HOT LUNCH MENU is prepared professionally with loving care while keeping our campers’ nutritional interests in mind. Lunch is always a fun time at Park Shore. Your child’s counselors will always be with their campers making lunchtime comfortable and enjoyable. Music every day at the Food Emporium makes lunch at Park Shore more than just a time to eat. Our Special Events team is always creating something fun and exciting to enhance our lunch experience as well.

Park Shore is pleased to offer Gluten Free lunch options for our campers with medical gluten issues. Park Shore is a Peanut Sensitive camp. Please contact our office if your child has any special medical dietary needs.

Your child is encouraged to eat the entrée of the day, however, in the event, he/she needs a substitute, the following sandwiches are available:

  • Turkey • Tuna • American Cheese • Bologna • Salami • Bagel with Butter or Cream Cheese

Desserts will vary throughout the week and will include:

  • Seasonal Fresh Fruit • Apples • Oranges • Pears • Jello

Park Shore is pleased to serve water and/or juice boxes upon request during all lunch periods.

We make every effort to create an enjoyable experience during lunchtime and want your child to be comfortable while eating. Please call the camp if you need additional assistance.

View the 2021 Lunch Menu

If your child brings his/her lunch to camp, please pack it in a brown paper bag clearly marked with your child’s name and camp group. The lunch will be placed in our walk-in refrigerator until lunchtime. A beverage will be served at lunch. Our superior hot lunch is available at $295 for the entire summer, $230 for six weeks, or $150 for four weeks. If you have not yet done so, a telephone call to our office is all that is necessary to ensure hot lunch for your child.


After the first two to three days of Camp, the times of pick-up and take-home will become regular. Early dismissals will be held during the first week and on rainy days. Buses will leave approximately 15 minutes early on these days. Please call if you have any additional questions.

Health & Safety

In order to make sure we exercise every precaution to safeguard your child’s health, safety, and welfare, Park Shore is inspected by the Suffolk County Health Department. These inspections take place before our session begins and during the operation of our Day Camp. We follow all the regulations set by both the New York State and Suffolk County Health Departments, as well as the standards set by the American Camp Association (ACA). Our Campers are closely watched for any signs of illness by their group leaders and are assisted by our Registered Nurses. Our Health Office Staff is in constant attendance and can be found in Park Shore’s modern Health Care Center.

In order to keep our campers healthy, we ask for your cooperation in keeping home any child with a cold or other symptoms of illness. Your child’s medical form(s) must be completed by your physician and returned to camp. This is a Suffolk County Health Department regulation. Your cooperation in returning the medical form(s) in a timely manner is both appreciated and a requirement. We recommend that you make an appointment with your child’s physician now so that returning your child’s medical form(s) won’t be delayed.

Confidential Information

Please fill out your child’s Camper Profile Sheet carefully and thoroughly. In order for us to fully understand your child and to help make his/her adjustment to camp easier, this profile will be shared with your child’s Director. Please return this form with your child’s medical form.

Tuition Refund Plan

Please refer to the current refund plan.

Daily Photo Gallery

We look forward to another wonderful summer taking pictures of your children. These pictures will be posted on our website on a daily basis. We hope you enjoy getting a glimpse into your child’s experiences at Park Shore. To ensure the safety and security of all our campers, our Photo Gallery is only available to registered Park Shore families. In order to gain access to the Park Shore Photo Gallery, you must register at the Park Shore website and indicate whether you are a camp family, a school family or both. Your approval should come within 24 hours of registering.

Our Park Shore Environment

We appreciate your help in keeping Park Shore a “SMOKE-FREE” environment. Thank you for not smoking when at camp.


Due to our safety protocols, our traditional parent visitation and late nights are temporarily suspended until further notice.

We respectfully request that parents cooperate with us and refrain from visiting Camp during the first week. Please call the office ahead of time if you would like to visit your child. Each group will have visitation either during the day or evening as detailed later on during the summer. We definitely want all parents to meet the group counselors and to observe their child’s group in action. By following a carefully planned routine, we are able to accomplish this goal without disrupting the overall Camp Program and without disrupting the adjustment of your child’s group.


  1. If you wish to take your child home early, your child will be waiting at the Director’s Office at the time you indicated. Please make every attempt to pick up your child before 3:15 p.m. to avoid being delayed by our regular dismissal.
  2. If you wish any other person to take your child home. Driver’s License or other photo ID is required.


Junior & Senior Division Late Nights

Due to our safety protocols, our traditional parent visitation and late nights are temporarily suspended until further notice.

Campers will not go home on the camp bus on the day of their Late Night as they will be preparing for the evening’s activities. Parents are cordially invited to join their children and our staff at 5:45pm. Parents will be able to observe their child’s swim progress, as well as their child’s Late Night Activity/Skit. Parents of our Sports Track campers will be able to watch their child play a game on our Dream Field. Everyone will enjoy our famous Late Night Dinner and the evening’s activities will end with dessert. Time will be available for parents to meet their child’s counselors. The Senior Division Late Nights will take place during the 6th week of camp and the Junior Division Late Nights will take place during the 7th week of camp. Definite dates and times will be sent home during camp. All July campers and parents are cordially invited to join us during this event. You will be notified as to when your child’s Late Night will take place.


If your child celebrates a birthday during our camp season, please call the camp office for information regarding party arrangements. We will, however, have one big Park Shore BIRTHDAY BONANZA in July and one in August celebrating all of our Park Shore campers’ birthdays. For the parent who would like to celebrate their child’s birthday during their lunch period, The Grill is available for such an occasion. Please call in advance to reserve your spot.

Swimming Pools

In the operation of our pools, the very highest standards of hygiene are consistently maintained. Our filtration plant is an integral part of our pool equipment and is tended by a Certified Pool Operator who makes constant tests of the water each day.

All three of our pools are heated, which adds to our campers’ swimming enjoyment. We use the Red Cross Swim Program taught by Red Cross trained and qualified Swim Instructors. Campers are placed into swim groups according to their swimming ability and age. They will be able to progress to their highest potential and receive either Park Shore or Red Cross swimming certificates.

Those Junior and Senior campers who are deemed ready are given a DEEP WATER TEST and those who pass are given a GREEN DEEP WATER BRACELET. This bracelet alerts all counselors and lifeguards that this camper is certified and allowed to swim in our deep water pool. This test is given on a weekly basis. YELLOW BRACELETS are given to our Junior and Senior campers who have the ability to swim in the deepwater section of our main pool. They are NOT allowed to swim in the Deep Water Pool.

We encourage all campers to wear their bracelet for the duration of the camp season. If for any reason the bracelet is lost or removed, a new bracelet will be given to that camper. We emphasize safety while having fun in the Park Shore swimming pools.


Park Shore will provide professionally cleaned terry cloth towels during each swim.


For those parents who want sunscreen applied at camp, please send sunscreen labeled with your child’s name along with a note giving permission and instructions as to what you want to be done. The first coat of sunscreen should be applied at home before your child(ren) come(s) to camp.

Camp Clothing

Each camper will receive one (1) Camp T-shirt. T-shirts for our SUPER SENIORS, EXPLORERS & SUPER TEENS will be handed out at the beginning of camp or when their session starts. 

Clothing & Equipment

Your child(ren) should bring two (2) bathing suits to camp every day. Other clothing items are not necessary. Baseball gloves should also be marked with your child’s name. Park Shore will exercise every care in safeguarding the clothing your child has in camp, but we cannot be responsible for the loss of any personal property. Do not send very expensive and valuable items to camp.


Rainy Days

On rainy days, please dress your child in a raincoat, hat, and shoes appropriate for the rain, all clearly marked with their name. Our campers will participate in our rainy day schedule of activities that will take them to all of our indoor facilities. When we know it will rain for the entire day, our Senior campers will leave the grounds and go bowling or to the movies. Please DO NOT send your child with spending money to buy snacks or play video games when they leave Park Shore as they will not have time to participate in these activities.

Cell Phones

Cell Phones are NOT allowed at camp because they create a distraction while campers are busy at an activity. All calls can be made from the main office. Parents who need to contact their child can call our office or Travel Directors when necessary. Parents of travel campers will be given the cell phone number of their child’s Travel Director. See specific travel information for more details.


Park Shore is no place for socially cruel behaviors. The physical and emotional safety of our campers has always been and continues to be, our number one concern and priority. For this reason, bullying of any kind will not be tolerated. Parents will always be informed to assist in eradicating this behavior, if this negative behavior cannot be stopped our tolerance policy will be enforced and the camper who is doing the bullying will be asked to leave camp.

Super Senior Travel Guidelines & Rules

Park Shore’s Travel Program Rules are designed to ensure a supportive, welcoming environment for each camper. Our program aims to operate on the principles of honesty, compassion, respect for others, personal responsibility, and safety. Travel campers, and staff alike, are encouraged to lead by example to ensure a wonderful camp experience for all.

Each summer we create an amazing experience for our Super Seniors filled with excitement and fun every day. They will be on the Park Shore facility three days each week and will travel to local destinations two days each week. We have specific rules and regulations from our Super Senior Director, Travel Staff, Restaurant Personnel, Amusement Park Security, and Bus Drivers when we are traveling off the Park Shore facility to ensure the safety and welfare of everyone on our trips while providing for their overall comfort and enjoyment. Please read the following list with your child so they understand the importance of what is expected from them when at Park Shore.

General Behavior

Our Super Senior campers are going to have a great time this summer and make many new friends. We encourage an atmosphere of respect, trust, and consideration in relationships with fellow Super Seniors and Travel Staff. Friendliness, openness, and politeness are qualities that will make for a great summer. We encourage our Super Seniors to be flexible and have a positive attitude. A negative attitude, rudeness, impatience, lateness, and profanity are behaviors that will not be tolerated. Campers should not be picked up from a location other than camp unless the camp has been notified beforehand.

General Participation

The Super Senior Program is filled with exciting activities which will keep everyone busy. Super Seniors are required to participate in all scheduled activities unless medically approved.

Electronic Devices

We recommend that electronic devices not be brought to camp. Cell phones are NOT ALLOWED at camp or on trips. If campers need to call their parents, they can use their Director’s cell phone. Parents will have the Director’s cell phone number if they need to contact their child while on a trip. Electronic devices create distractions and can possibly be lost or damaged. Park Shore will NOT be responsible for any lost or damaged electronic device brought to camp.


Appropriate dress is required. We ask our Super Seniors to wear sneakers every day except when we have a trip which involves water such as a water park, beach, or canoeing. Super Seniors are required to wear their travel T-shirt when leaving Park Shore grounds. IT IS OUR INTENTION TO HAVE A GREAT TIME WITH EVERY SUPER SENIOR AND CREATE A SUMMER FILLED WITH EXCITING MEMORIES AND NEW FRIENDSHIPS. We appreciate your cooperation with following these guidelines and know that each traveler will have a summer filled with exciting trips and lasting memories. Each summer we become a family and treat each other with respect. Any medical, dietary, or social concerns should be shared with the Super Senior Director. It is important for us to know if your child has any special needs which will impact them during their time with us. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions or concerns.

Explorer & SuperTeen Travel Guidelines & Rules

Park Shore’s Travel Program Rules are designed to ensure a supportive, welcoming environment for each camper. Our program aims to operate on the principles of honesty, compassion, respect for others, personal responsibility, and safety. Travel campers, and staff alike, are encouraged to lead by example to ensure a wonderful camp experience for all. The Park Shore Explorer and Superteen Travel Programs are designed to provide your child with the safest, healthiest, and most enjoyable summer experience available anywhere. Our unparalleled record for providing this unique experience depends upon several factors: First is Park Shore’s research and pre-visits to numerous destination sites, our mature and experienced staff, and the requirement that all campers strictly follow the rules and procedures designed for their safety. Parents and campers must agree to follow program rules. Registration in this program signifies the agreement to these conditions of registration.

  • Appropriate behavior is expected at all times. Cooperation is expected on our bus trips as well as our destination sites. Any financial damage to the hotels is the responsibility of the individual’s parents. Shaving cream and silly string are prohibited and parents are asked to check their child’s suitcase for any inappropriate materials before coming to camp.
  • Handheld games/individual music players may be used on bus trips when announcements are not being made. However, we are not responsible for any loss or damage. These items should not be used during an activity and should be kept out of sight.
  • Cell phones are NOT allowed at camp or on most of the trips. Campers may bring cell phones on all overnight trips. They can only use them as instructed by their Director and staff. Parents will be given their Director’s cell phone number in case they need to contact him/her or their child.
  • Appropriate dress is required. We ask our Explorers and Superteens to wear sneakers every day except when we have a trip that involves water such as a water park, beach, or canoeing. If time permits before or after a trip, we play sports on the campgrounds. Campers will be given travel shirts. It is very important that they wear these shirts when indicated in our weekly newsletter. Please do not alter the travel T-shirts in any way.
  • When our bus returns from a late trip or overnight, we ask parents to park in our parking lot and pick up their child in the Food Emporium. Please allow us to unload the bus and we will escort the campers from the bus to the Food Emporium. At that time, campers will be dismissed. All parents must sign out their child at dismissal.
  • If your child is being picked up early or at dismissal, please provide a note or call the camp office first thing in the morning. Any afternoon social plans should be prearranged before camp. Also, campers should not be picked up from a location other than camp unless the camp has been notified beforehand.
  • Any medical, dietary, or social concerns should be shared with your child’s Director. It is important for us to know if your child has any special needs which will impact them during their time with us.



  • Drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and E-Cigarettes
  • Weapons of any type
  • Physical violence
  • Harassment, rude, or offensive language
  • Travel without a camper buddy
  • Theft, shoplifting, or destruction of property
  • Departure from an assigned activity, location, or room without permission
  • Taking, posting or forwarding of any inappropriate pictures


Park Shore Country Day Camp reserves the right to search camper’s personal belongings at any time. Campers who break any of these rules will be liable for any of the following consequences to be determined solely at the discretion of Park Shore Country Day Camp.

  • The camper will be permanently removed for the remainder of the summer program.
  • The camper will be returned home at the parent’s expense.
  • The camper will be suspended from camp for the duration of the following trip.

It is further understood that in no case will any refund of tuition be made. It is understood that our campers will bring personal items to camp and on our trips but that Park Shore will not be responsible for any loss or damage to these belongings.

Please discuss these rules with your child and the importance of following them. Once they understand our rules and procedures, please sign the card and all waivers and return them to Park Shore. Good choices will create fond memories that will last a lifetime. We appreciate your cooperation with following these guidelines and know that each traveler will have a summer filled with exciting trips and lasting memories. Each summer we become a family and treat each other with respect.  Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions or concerns.

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