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Welcome to the Summer of 2017 at Extreme STEAM Science Kids!

At Extreme STEAM Science Kids, we believe that life-long learners are created when children are enchanted with science at a young age and are given the opportunities to develop their natural curiosity. We allow students to provide the questions and help them to design experiences to practice the scientific process and learn the way scientists do; through experimentation, collection of real-world data and analysis of their results. In keeping with 4 major themes, we have built in the flexibility to cultivate the students wonders while giving them fun problems to solve with a team. This empowers children to know that their questions matter, and that they can make a difference in the world through thinking and doing. With a common vocabulary through each learning space, children will obtain a working knowledge of the concepts presented. Our inquiry-driven classes promote innovation, social skills and problem-solving in a fun environment while students learn the basics of the scientific process and design theory. We believe in preparing students for a dynamic world in which adaptable learning will be necessary for a rapidly changing world in need of global collaboration.
The main focus of Extreme STEAM Science Kids this summer is “Citizen Science” where students participate in real science experiments around the world. This helps students to see that they can make a difference because they will be collecting real-world data to help real live scientists in real experiments! The students’ results are then used to help the biosphere and provide students with an intrinsic sense of purpose for the global community. Within each two week session’s theme, campers experience all of the Extreme STEAM Science Kids “Areas of Exploration: Robotics, Engineering, Programming, Artistic Design and Life, Physical and Earth Science.

Session One: June 26 – July 7, 207

Theme: Under the Sea

Field Trip: Oyster Bay Waterfront: Thursday, July 6th. Click here for Permission Slip
Parent Visitation Day: Friday, July 7th, 10am
Citizen Science Activity: World Water Monitoring Challenge: students will use test kits to sample the water of the Oyster Bay and report their results to add to world wide data

Session Two: July 10 – 21, 2017

Theme: Land, ho!

Field Trip: Heckscher Art Museum: Friday, July 14th. Click here for Permission Slip
Parent Visitation Day: Friday, July 21st
Citizen Science Activity: Lost Ladybug project: students will hunt the grounds for different types of ladybugs and report actual data about their findings

Session Three: July 24 – August 4, 2017

Theme: Air! Air! Everywhere!

Field Trip: Cradle of Aviation Museum: Wednesday, August 2nd. Click here for Permission Slip.
Parent Visitation Day: Friday, August 4th
Citizen Science Activity: Journey North: students will collect real time migration data using web cameras around the world

Session Four: August 7 – 18, 2017

Theme: Space Odyssey

Heckscher Museum Pizza Party: Thursday, August 10th, 6pm-7pm
Parent Visitation Day: The Regatta! Thursday, August 17th. 10am
Citizen Science Activity: Tomatosphere: students will explore experimental design comparing growth of  normal tomato seeds with tomato seeds that have spent 1 month on the International Space Station

Some of the exciting activities for the Summer of 2017:

  • Build & program robots
  • Use your critical thinking with our robotics maze challenges
  • Build a real boat and race in a regatta
  • Build rockets, roller coasters & musical instruments
  • Study animals, DNA, do dissections, & chemical reactions
  • Game Design & Coding
  • Science Based Field Trips
  • And so much more!