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Playing with a Purpose:

Fun activities and classes infused with 21st Century Skill Development

“Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.” – Mr. Rogers


Park Shore Country Day Camp, School and Extreme Steam Science Kids leads the way when you consider the importance of preparing children for the future that awaits them.  Their programs are cutting edge and help their boys and girls develop strong social skills, critical thinking, collaborative team work, creativity and adaptability while at the same time having fun.  “Playing with a purpose” is a central theme that winds its way through all that they offer the children who attend their programs.  The children thoroughly enjoy their experiences while maintaining fun and excitement in a 21st Century play and learning environment.  

“21st Century Skills” (Collaboration and Teamwork, Creativity and Imagination, and Critical Thinking and Problem Solving) are defined as the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to be competitive in the modern day workforce.

At Park Shore Country Day Camp, campers participate in a wide variety of fun and exciting activities including swim, athletics, arts & crafts, MakerSpace and Extreme Adventure that challenge them to share, co-create and collaborate with one another, while developing social skills along the way. Campers have an opportunity to try new things, overcome fears and limitations, navigate a variety of social situations, and end their time at Park Shore with a sense of growth and accomplishment  – all while having FUN.

Sam Coiro, Camp parent, “Park Shore offers an exceptional balance between exciting physical activities and creative, mind inspiring specialty areas.  This is not the status quo of camps, and the staff is beyond caring and diligent.  My son and daughter thrive at Park Shore and could not be more pleased with our camp experience!”

Extreme STEAM Science Kids campers participate in a full STEAM curriculum. Each two week session is driven by a common theme which includes cross-cutting concepts in Robotics, Engineering, Technology, Life, Earth, and Physical Science, Artistic Design and Mathematics.  Extreme STEAM Science Kids Directors and Teachers believe in developing scientific skills and then letting their campers use those skills to solve problems while working on a team.  In this way they will develop critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and adaptation all needed for success while growing up in the 21st century. Their approach to learning has been developed with regard to the New York State Science Learning Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards, yet keeps in mind that children truly grasp concepts when they are given real world problems to solve in a guided, yet playful and entertaining environment.

Jayne Tom, Extreme STEAM Science Kids parent: “Haidin waits all year to come to Extreme STEAM Science Kids. It has given him a renewed interest when he’s in school in science and all the other subjects. What really struck me about the program is how theory seamlessly becomes application.”

Park Shore Country Day School preschool and kindergarten students are introduced at a very early age to the importance of 21st Century skill development through their extensive Computer Science, STEAM, Literacy, Math, Music and Art classes along with Physical Education situated on their beautiful 15 acre campus. Students thrive in a nurturing and warm environment educationally as well as socially. The face of education is ever changing. Through the use of integrated technology, cooperative and collaborative learning structures, cross-curriculum teaching, and goal setting, the teachers at Park Shore are truly preparing their preschool and kindergarten students for the challenges that await them in elementary education and beyond.

Andrew Adams, Park Shore school parent,

“The in-depth focus on actual skills and critical thinking that has been lost in public schools has been found at Park Shore.  The leaps and bounds of my daughter’s problem solving skills is extraordinary both in academics, as well as playtime.  Park Shore has laid the foundation for a lifetime of continued learning and a love for it.”

Bob Budah, co-owner of Park Shore, “In a society that changes ever so quickly, we have aligned our programs and philosophies to meet the needs of our campers and students. We are committed to offering our young people opportunities for growth and development while still having fun.”

Park Shore is truly a unique ecosystem for young people providing fun and fostering 21st Century Skill Development.