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  • Hydroponics: The main concept is to give students an alternative way to approach growing their food in otherwise uninhabitable environments such as congested urban cities, deserts, the arctic, or even terraforming Mars! We are going to teach about plant anatomy, the process of photosynthesis, and the acquisition of resources from artificial growing environments (water, light, CO2, nutrients…etc).
  • Drones: Parrot Drones in Motion: Our students will move their drones in 3-dimensional space through the new “Air Maze.” Programming Parrot Drones to find “Aerial Treasures.” Parrot Drones will be used to explore the habitats of Park Shore from above. Students will make tree identifications using the Hi-Def Camera of the Parrot Drone, photographing and printing color images.
  • Physics: Visitation by an Alvin Ailey and Actor’s Equity Dancer to teach the Physics of Dance. Will include teaching our students the Physics of the “Moon Walk.”
  • Nutrition: A RDN will teach a class on healthy eating and the importance of Certified Organic Foods. Students will create a wholesome ESSK signature Snack.
  • Engineering: Students will build Cardboard Dinosaur “Automata” machines, including a 6 Foot ESSK Dino, driven by Bicycle pedals.
  • Navigation: Using GPS to navigate. Students will build their own compass.
  • Photography: A representative of Nikon will describe lens technology. Students will learn some of the history of photography. Students will build their own “telescopes.”