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ESSK Week Four, 2019

Heckscher Museum Field TripThe Extreme STEAM Science Kids campers had a wonderful time visiting Ms.Joy at the Heckscher Art Museum. Campers made art inside the museum after a mini-lesson about the anniversary of the moon landing. They also played “detail detective” as...

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ESSK Week Three, 2019

Digital Den with StaceyThis week in the Digital Den, our campers focused on creating and solving mysteries. On Minecraft Monday, campers created a mystery for their classmates to figure out. A few students created secret rooms with trap doors in Minecraft, while...

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ESSK Session One, Week Two, 2019

Digital Den with StaceyIn the digital den, our campers continued their creative representation of the sun in Minecraft. We studied nuclear fusion and our campers created models to show how the sun creates energy by fusing Hydrogen atoms into Helium. We discussed the...

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