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Arts Education

Artistic Design at Extreme STEAM Science Kids Camp

Heckscher Museum of Art is the “A” in STEAM at Extreme STEAM Science Kids

Three days each week, professional Museum Educators will give campers the opportunity to explore the close connections between science and art.  They will develop innovative thinking and problem solving skills. Campers will be able to analyze and approach artwork from multiple perspectives.  They will collaborate and learn from friends.  Art allows campers to imagine, investigate, create, and reflect. Looking closely at works of art, they will be encouraged to notice details, ask questions, and create meaning .Young artists will have the opportunity to experiment in a variety of media throughout the summer, creating open-ended projects that will develop their imaginations. Art projects will also directly relate to Extreme STEAM curriculum and will meet NY State learning Standards for the Arts. Campers will also visit the Heckscher Museum galleries which will be a perfect introduction to the Museum experience. Museum Educators will guide students to make observations, find evidence to support their opinions, and develop visual literacy.

Partnering with Art Educators from Heckscher Museum of Art in Huntington, NY, our program in Art enhances our students abilities in:

  • Design
  • Balance
  • Positive and Negative Space
  • Aesthetic Values
  • Art Appreciation