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ESSK Week Six, 2019

Digital Den with Stacey

Our campers are truly becoming computer whizzes in the Digital Den! We are continuing with our green screen creature features in which our campers are creating movies with their own editing of sound, color enhancement, green screen technology and timing. Some of the features are very funny, where the campers appear to be capturing or reacting to the pre-recorded creepy crawlies that they have superimposed their image over. Our campers also practiced their math and graphing skills in application to using the raspberry pi grid. Our campers showed an excellent understanding of a coordinate system when they were challenged to create a creepy crawly image using the pixels in the raspberry pi. After planning on a paper grid, and identifying the coordinates, campers effectively coded each pixel to create their designed image on the Pi Top’s screen. Our campers also used augmented reality coloring pages in Quiver vision. With this tool, students were able to bring drawings and coloring book pages to life in an interactive format. We had a lot of fun in week 6 and learned some special 21st century skills!
If your child would like to continue their Digital Den experience at home, check out our ESSK Blog!

Dash Robotics with Renee

We have had a great time learning about all the Creepy Crawlers. We took Dash on an adventure outside of the classroom to find some creepy crawlers around Park Shore. There are so many creepy crawlers such as ants, beetles and praying mantis that we can see around camp every day. We had a great opportunity to visit Sweet Briar Nature Center this week. We went into the butterfly sanctuary where we learned some interesting facts about butterflies. We realized that creepy crawlers aren’t so creepy – they are very interesting!!!

Robotics 2 with Zach

This week in Robotics 2, the campers have designed and built their own robots out of our LEGO Mindstorms EV3 kits. After making their robots remote controlled, the campers were able to race against each other and complete time trials to see who’s robot can get through the course the fastest. A few of the campers even designed their own courses! After demonstrating their skills with the remote controllers, the campers’ next task was to program the robots in order to get through obstacle courses without directly controlling the robot. Using things like the touch sensor and the ultrasonic sensor, the robot is able to sense different obstacles and avoid them. Of course, the campers will have to program the robot and give it specific directions on how to do this. Each camper has shown remarkable improvement in Robotics 2 and we are excited for the next round of fun challenges the campers will have to tackle. 

Engineering with Arthur

This week we wrapped up Creepy Crawly Block by finishing up the Mousetrap Contraptions.
Every group from younger to older worked tirelessly creating, testing, and improving on their designs whether we used Tinker Toys or the Teacher Geek building system. 
With a small helping hand to push their ideas in the right direction, students began to understand the work and physics involved with making seemingly unrelated mechanisms work together for a fantastic payoff! 
Rube Goldberg as a concept can be difficult even for experienced engineers to pull off, and the enthusiasm coming from these kids to get something abstract to function is something to behold!

Science with Tina

It’s hard to believe ESSK is done with Week 6. We have been having so much fun in the Science Lab we barely notice the time flying by. This week we continued our Creepy Crawlies theme by making our own ant farm. The children enjoyed collecting ants from our courtyard. We were very careful to only collect from the same colony so we didn’t have any feuds. We leaned so many interesting facts about ants. Did you know they like to play soccer and wrestle with each other? Neither did we. We also learned that ants actually have IQ’s like humans and the “smarter” ants will take on the leadership roles. In our observations it seems we have identified our 2 leader ants. We have been enjoying our tomatoes from our outside garden and our sunflowers look so pretty. This week we started our kale crop in the nursery and we were amazed that it spouted in 3 days! The hydroponics garden is growing big and will soon be ready to transplant outside. We all had so much fun on our field trip and enjoyed the butterflies most of all. To end our theme the children enjoyed making bug slime. I hope all my summer friends who are leaving enjoy the rest of the summer and I will see you next summer. To my friends continuing with ESSK, don’t worry I have lots more fun planned.

Artistic Design with Lori

This week in Artistic Design we continued our Creepy Crawlies theme. We talked about insects. The parts of their bodies, how many legs, eyes, and wings they have. Do all insects have wings? Do they all have six legs? The campers were able to answer all my questions and add a lot more interesting fact that I did not know. I am learning a whole lot about Bugs! 
They all worked on their water bottle creations. They painted, glued, added wings, legs, eyes, and some even have tails. The campers’ creations are amazing. Some made actual bugs and some designed their very own. They all can’t wait to share them with you.

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