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ESSK Week Five, 2019

Digital Den with Stacey

Week 5 in the Digital Den has brought us a few new campers to help us complete challenges based on our knew Creepy Crawlies theme. On Minecraft Monday, campers were tasked with creating a bug or some kind of bug habitat. We had a few Minecraft bee hives, one spider web, a blocky bee on a flower and one camper created a crater to capture Minecraft spiders. Our campers continue to impress with their creative ways and collaboration to use Minecraft to complete the challenge given to them. On Whatever Wednesday, our campers began to use the Padcaster and green screen technology to create a Creature Feature. Campers used videos and pictures of bugs taken by other campers and Ms. Stacey and inserted their image. Campers also worked on some interactive digital games to learn more about the different classifications of Creepy Crawlies. On Pi Fri campers were challenged to follow Mr. Regini’s digital lesson to program a bug image on the Raspberry Pi. This was an activity that campers will be revisiting next week. We are looking forward to our trip on August 7 to SweetBriar nature center where we will find more Creepy Crawlies!  
If your child would like to continue their Digital Den experience at home, check out our ESSK Blog!


Dash Robotics with Renee

We had to say good-bye to some campers and hello to others. This week we learned about creepy crawlers and how robots are used to collect data. We transformed our Dash robots into creepy crawlers of all kinds. Campers were very interested in learning how there are robot insects and how they are used. Campers continue to learn how to code by using the Blockly, Path, Go, and Wonder app. Summer is moving too fast – slow down, we are having fun!!!!

Robotics 2 with Zach

Week 5 and 6 is about insects and creepy crawlers in Robotics 2. Our campers were challenged to use our new LEGO Mindstorms EV3 kits to build different types of robots and bugs. After making cool contraptions with the motors, the campers were challenged with making a car/insect hybrid and the results were EXTREMEly cool! One camper made a dragonfly with wheels and another camper designed their own bug. Every camper has been successful in designing and building different critters while also learning the integral parts of a robot. In Extreme STEAM, every new experience is a learning opportunity and all learning is celebrated on each student’s individual level. The new LEGO Mindstorms EV3 kits enable our campers to have limitless potential with what they design and create. We believe that it is important for our campers to be a part of every process so that they take ownership of their learning with this new and exciting learning tool! 

Engineering with Arthur

It’s Creepy Crawlies block week at Engineering! 
Engineering students were all tasked with building contraptions to catch vermin!
Using Mousetrap as a starting point to use as inspiration for gaining an understanding of Rube Goldberg machines, campers built up their contraptions by identifying simple machines and adapting them to their experiments. No one creation is ever the same, and it’s exciting to see what they’ve made! 
We were able to take an otherwise large scale abstract concept and turn it into a playful learning experience for all ages, using various tools to build some impressive fantastic contraptions!


Science with Tina

In this block we investigated Creepy Crawlies. We started our unit by learning about our meal worms life cycle. We examined our meal worms with a magnifying glass. The budding young scientists of course had many questions which we hoped to answer through our investigation. I am happy to report we were able to answer most questions by observation alone, although some stumped us and we had to use our iPads to research. We will continue our unit with an Ant Farm and watch the hardest working insects busy at home. We continue working on our hydroponics garden and the children love to check the pH level each day. They have learned the exact level to optimize growing and have the pH up or down ready to go while checking. This week we will start a new batch of vegetables in the nursery in order to have it ready to transfer. Our tadpole friends continue growing and changing and the kids love to check their progress daily. We change the water quite frequently and the kids love to feed them. The outside gardens are coming along nicely and we enjoy checking each day to see the progress. I am happy to report that we have 3 beautiful sunflowers, 1 zucchini and many tomatoes – some of which will be ready to eat this week. We will end our week with a fun STEAM activity making our own caterpillars and racing them. Until next week, I hope you are finding ways to stay cool.  

Artistic Design with Lori

This week Artistic Design was all about Creepy Crawlies! We learned about the parts of insects bodies. How all insects have 6 legs and usually 4 wings (two pairs). We talked about the life cycle of a butterfly or Metamorphosis. The campers were able to tell me all the stages of the life cycle. We then learned what symmetry is and how butterfly wings are almost always symmetrical. The campers then began working on making a 3 dimensional and symmetrical butterfly. On Thursday we completed our butterfly project and began talking about all the parts of insects and what we might need to make our own. Once the planning stage was complete the campers created their own Creepy crawly, using recycled water bottle and lots of fun art supplies. I can’t wait to see what they all come up with!

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