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ESSK Session One, Week Two

Digital Den with Stacey

What an exciting first week we had in the Digital Den! We anchored our activities in the phenomenon of an exciting simulation that allows students to see how the size of our Sun compares to other celestial bodies in the Universe. Students created a driving question board that will help us guide our experiences in each learning space during the entire 2 weeks. On Minecraft Monday, older students were challenged to demonstrate their knowledge by creating a scaled sun with 109 yellow blocks and compared it to one blue block since the diameter of the sun is 109 times the diameter of the Earth. Our younger campers used a pilot and co-pilot model to collaborate on a project to show that the sun is much bigger than the Earth. They took turns piloting for 2 minutes, while the co-pilot offered advice, ideas and suggestions. After 2 minutes the pilot became the co-pilot and did the same. The campers’ communication, sharing, and encouragement skills were absolutely wonderful and I am very proud of them. On Fridays, or as we call it in the Digital Den “Pi Fri” students will begin to get acquainted with the Raspberry Pi which they will be programming in the coming weeks. We can’t wait for you to see our blossoming digital skills! Check out our blog at essk2019.weebly.com.

Dash Robotics with Renee

We had an AMAZING first week in Robotics, using Dash the robot. The campers became familiar with Dash by using the Go App which controls the various movements, sounds, and fun ways to play with Dash. Campers then used the Blockly App to complete different tasks that they programmed by combining different puzzle blocks that tell Dash what to do. The campers used Dash to take a trip through the Solar System to see the distance from the sun to each planet, while also learning about each planet. Campers also learned how the Earth’s movement around the sun created day and night. The campers are excited about programming Dash to do many interesting things throughout the summer!

SnappyXO Robotics with Matt

In just our first week working with the SnappyXO parts and electronics, we all worked together to build some pretty amazing vehicles. We had dc motors to drive our cars, rubber bands and launchers to create catapults, and we even got out the computers to code in some controls. Now that we’re on a roll with the circuitry, coding, and Snappy, we’ll put together a fan next week for our Fun In The Sun topic, but with a twist! The sunnier it gets, the faster it spins!

Engineering with Arthur

This week the Engineering class was off to a fantastic start! Monday kickstarted an introduction to a building system where older students used a variety of materials to create working vehicles which will then incorporate gears, pulleys and motors powered by none other than the Sun! That’s right, for Fun in the Sun, the Engineering class is focusing on utilizing Solar power and the challenges presented with design and execution of creating working vehicles.
The younger campers explored basic engineering concepts such as the design process. Utilizing Tinker Toys, the campers built models that reminded them of Summer Vacation such as bridges from their road trips, kinetic spinners and more!
There was brimming enthusiasm and when asked about their builds, plans and ideas, the campers were more than happy to explain their thought process. A wonderful experience overall! 

Science with Tina

Welcome to the summer of 2019 at ESSK! We have so many fun and educational activities planned for the summer and I am excited to start learning and investigating with the children. We started the week off by getting reacquainted with our returning campers and getting to know our new campers. We met our animal friends in The Cave and learned how to care for them. We learned about our hydroponics garden and what crop we will be planting and harvesting this summer. The theme of this block is “Fun in The Sun” and in keeping with the theme we discussed how the artificial lights we use in The Cave and the hydroponics garden mimic the sun. We investigated how sunscreen blocks the UV rays from the sun to protect our skin and made our very own sun tea. Next week we will find out how we can use the power of the sun to make a common craft item. Have a happy and safe 4th of July and I look forward to catching up next week.


Artistic Design with Lori

Our First week of Artistic Design was a lot of fun! We made sun prints using items we found on the grounds of Park Shore. We began class with a brief video on what UV rays do to our skin and talked about the importance of wearing sunscreen to protect it. The campers went out on the grounds and found items such as leaves, flowers, pinecones, twigs, and rocks. The campers then went back to the classroom and began to create a beautiful collage using all the items we found. We used a special UV and the sun (of course).
We brought our projects outside and watched how the sun worked so quickly on the paper. This fun activity showed the campers how strong UV Rays are and how important it is to wear sunscreen to protect our skin.

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