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ESSK Session One, Week Two, 2019

Digital Den with Stacey

In the digital den, our campers continued their creative representation of the sun in Minecraft. We studied nuclear fusion and our campers created models to show how the sun creates energy by fusing Hydrogen atoms into Helium. We discussed the difference between molecular bonding and nuclear fusion and then the students played a digital simulation game in which the goal was to fuse atoms together and create a release of energy. Campers also studied the different waves that the sun produces. We used a virtual infrared camera to see how the sun’s heat waves are viewed with special equipment. We also used the Einstein tablets to detect and quantify the sun’s ultraviolet rays. The campers collected data about the UV index throughout the week and used the Einstein tablet to graph our data. We created bracelets with UV indicator beads that change color when exposed to ultraviolet light. The students then performed an inquiry based experiment in which they created their procedure and modeled their outcomes. Like scientists, our campers compared their results and observed that the beads get brighter on sunny days and stay somewhat clear on cloudy days. Our campers used their digital tools as well as investigative evidence, collaboration and deductive reasoning to conclude that the clouds, trees, sunscreen and window glass block ultraviolet rays from the sun. On Friday, our campers learned a little bit more about the Raspberry Pi and some were able to program a picture of a sun! We can’t wait to start our crime busting unit next week!

Dash Robotics with Renee

In Week 2 we have continued to have “Fun in the Sun”. The campers continued to explore how the sun warms the earth and the cycle of day and night. The campers learned how to navigate Dash by using multiple commands, speeds, and distances through a maze they built collaboratively with one another. With the Go and Blockly App, the campers were able to use a variety of movements, lights, and sounds that helped detect objects in its path. The campers are enjoying discovering all that Dash can do and teach them.

SnappyXO Robotics with Matt

This week at the SnappyXO laboratory we started off with some coding on our scratch coding program. We all worked together to make some fun games, a few cool animations and some awesome new code. During this period the campers learned valuable skills on the logic of coding, which is important in all branches of computer science. Up next they’ll get to use those new skills to program their awesome new robot cars!

Engineering with Arthur

Another great week in Engineering! After giving examples of how mechanical pulleys and gears work, the older campers were set to task in building motorized vehicles that would house a solar panel to power them! All shapes and sizes were built as kids explored form and function and not every solution was the same. 
The younger campers pursued modeling solutions for a Chicken (represented by a rubber chicken) that wanted to have a BBQ party, but couldn’t do what most things people can do. Answering questions like “how can we make the chicken shop easier?” And “how can it grill safely without becoming fried chicken?” These were central topics for design.


Science with Tina

I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing 4th of July and enjoyed your long weekend. The kids and I came back ready for fun and exciting experiments. This week we continued working on our hydroponics garden. Our nursery plants are growing well and we are hoping to be able to plant them in the vertical garden soon. We have 2 oranges growing on our orange tree and have been nursing them carefully to see if they will reach their maturity. We discussed how the orange tree is a tropical plant and can only grow in warm weather with a lot of sunlight. That is why we need to house the trees indoors during the colder months in our climate. We are happy to report that our solar powered oven worked very well and we were able to create our very own Lego crayons in it. Each group worked very hard putting them together and I was happy that so many parents were able to see firsthand their children’s handiwork. Looking toward next week and our second Science block, we will dust for fingerprints and solve a mystery on Park Shore grounds. Until next week parents, stay cool and don’t forget your sunscreen!

Artistic Design with Lori

This week in art the campers used their artistic abilities to draw, paint paste a beautiful sun picture. The campers learned how to mix colors to get new colors and how to lighten and darken colors. Before getting started we talked about the color of the sun and sky as we see it and the actual colors of both. The campers then went to work creating their very own masterpiece . As they were busy working we talked about how the sun makes them feel and they each chose a word to put on their canvas. The paintings are amazing and they can’t wait to share them with you.


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