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  • Alternative Agriculture/Hydroponics: The main concept is to give campers an alternative way to approach growing their food in otherwise uninhabitable environments such as congested urban cities, deserts, the arctic, or even terraforming Mars! We are going to teach about plant anatomy, the process of photosynthesis, and the acquisition of resources from artificial growing environments (water, light, CO2, nutrients…etc).

  • Native Gardening: Our campers will learn about the importance of native plants that are indigenous to Long Island and how they impact the different animal species found here.

  • Electrical Engineering: Campers will learn how to set up a Raspberry Pi computer and perform simple coding tasks.

  • Expanded Gardening Program: Campers will learn a variety of techniques to grow plants and food that we eat. Hydroponics, vertical gardening and traditional gardening will be explored.

  • Drone Technology: Campers will learn how to apply their coding skills when using a drone in a 3 dimensional world.