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2016 Extreme STEAM Science Kids Curriculum

Each two week session is driven by a common theme which includes cross-cutting concepts in Robotics, Engineering, Technology, Life, Earth, and Physical Science, Artistic Design and Mathematics. We believe in developing scientific skills and then letting our campers use those skills to solve problems while working on a team.  In this way they will develop critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and adaptation all needed for success while growing up in the 21st century. Our approach to learning has been developed with regard to the New York State Science Learning Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards, yet keeps in mind that children truly grasp concepts when they are given real world problems to solve in a guided, yet playful and entertaining environment. In the spirit of the Next Generation Standards, lab experiences are designed for real-world data collection over the course of an extended number of days.

Session 1: June 27 - July 8, 2016

Theme: Biomes, Ecosystems and Habitats


  • Building ecosystems in a bottle with focus on scientific method and experimental design
  • Research and blogging of our Cave animals’ habitats in nature and in our facility
  • Creation and maintenance of Garden and Pond Ecosystems- pea plant teepees, research on how to attract local fauna
  • Squid dissection and discussion of specific adaptations
  • Inquiry, observation and classification focused on animal locomotion with creation of digital dichotomous key on Einstein tablets
  • Microscope study of animal and plant cells with cell modeling in various media
  • Gaming- adaptation video games with focus on creating a successful species
  • Design and building bird feeders with research and study of the biodiversity in birds attracted
  • Design, building and decoration of bug habitats with study and research of the biodiversity in organisms observed
  • Examination, identification and research on plant species on Park Shore grounds, using iPad apps to identify species.
  • Minecraft- design of digital ecosystems in which students collaborate and create populations, communities, habitats and biomes
  • Robotics- discussion of how robots are used to improve  biomes and habitats
  • Coding- design of predator-prey model game s
  • Field Trip: Oyster Bay Waterfront with specimen collection for our Cave touch tank

Common Vocabulary and Cross-Cutting Concepts:

  • ecosystem   
  • observation
  • inference
  • flora
  • fauna
  • adaptation
  • habitat
  • population
  • community
  • producer
  • consumer
  • herbivore
  • carnivore
  • omnivore
  • decomposers
  • food web
  • photosynthesis
  • biodiversity
  • Contro

Session 2: July 11 - 22, 2016

Theme: Laws of the Universe


  • Gaming- laws of motion
  • Minecraft- design of roller coaster and student explanation of energy transformation
  • Design and creation of models for motion including: rockets, airplanes, launchers, helicopters
  • Coding- angry bird games with focus on changing gravity, designing circuit simulations, magnets, simple machines and action/reaction
  • Planets and Kepler’s laws of orbital motion
  • Navigation with stars and exploration of virtual planetariums
  • Playground experiments focused on motion,  forces, balance, gravity, velocity and friction enhanced with digital graphing
  • Science of sports: experimental design – ball bounce lab, effects of exercise on brain power, helmet/watermelon drop, effect of wind on baseball throw
  • Potato chip challenge- design and create best spaceship to keep the potato chip safe when dropped from various heights
  • Heat energy transfer in the atmosphere- weather mapping, predicting and using Einstein Tablets to collect real weather data
  • Design and creation of  weather instruments
  • Virtual labs with force and acceleration
  • Light and shadow experiments with mirrors, lenses, and black light
  • Waves properties- including experiments with sound, echoes and building musical instruments
  • Virtual circuit building and electricity experiments
  • Electromagnetic Energy and spectroscopy
  • Design and creation of UV light sensing devices
  • Exploration and creation of optical illusions
  • Robotics- focus on sensors – discussion of Mars Rover
  • Marble roller coaster challenge- design and creation of simple machines

Common Vocabulary and Cross-Cutting Concepts:

  • energy
  • kinetic
  • potential
  • forces
  • acceleration
  • velocity
  • speed
  • inertia
  • friction
  • gravity
  • electricity
  • circuit
  • conservation of energy
  • energy transfer
  • energy transformation
  • simple machine
  • inclined plane
  • pulley
  • elastic force
  • magnetic force

Session 3: July 25 - August 5, 2016

Theme: Our Changing Environment


  • Research, study and digital documentation of invasive species on Long Island
  • Collect, record, organize, interpret and analyze data collected via communication with local waste management companies, recycling plants, grocery stores.
  • Fossil Fuel exploration, fossil creation and examination of fossil fuel maps
  • Stratigraphy puzzles and riddles
  • Solar powered race car
  • Research, design and building of different types of volcanoes with focus on outgassing
  • Virtual Volcano and virtual field trips to volcano webcams
  • Study and digital presentation of how and why climate has changed through Earth’s history
  • Minecraft- designing sustainable homes
  • Mock oil spill clean-up and Parkshore clean up!
  • Visit from Covanta Energy representative
  • Recycling paper project
  • Shade cropping with bamboo teepees and pea plants
  • Hydroponic Gardening
  • Upcycling projects
  • Design and creation of wind, water and solar powered objects
  • Design of a sustainable model house
  • Greenhouse gas games and game design-discussion of how greenhouse effect is beneficial but can be harmful
  • Kahoot game play and design
  • Coding- Climate Change
  • Beach erosion experiments with stream tables
  • Beach wave simulations with discussion of jetties on Long Island
  • Field trip: Sweet Briar Nature Center: Long Island- Wildlife on the Brink

Common Vocabulary and Cross-Cutting Concepts:

  • renewable resources
  • sustainability
  • biodegradable
  • pollution
  • compost
  • fossil fuel
  • greenhouse gas
  • consumption
  • recycling
  • land-fill
  • natural resources
  • ecological footprint
  • solar energy
  • wind energy
  • erosion
  • climate change
  • Milankovitch cycles
  • glaciers
  • hydroponics

Session 4: August 8 - 19, 2016

Theme: Water, Water Everywhere


  • Water Cycle QR code treasure hunt
  • Water cycle game
  • Minecraft- surviving the water
  • Build your own aquifer
  • The water molecule- 3d model and discussion of bonds
  • Robotics-discussion of submarine robots
  • Porosity, permeability and capillarity experiments with experimental design, data collection and digital graphing
  • Evaporation experiments to make crystals
  • Cloud in a bottle
  • Water as the universal solvent- experiments in chemical and physical changes
  • pH of water and testing pH of other materials
  • Chemical reactions causing color change
  • Making Polymers
  • Water balloon launchers
  • Creating art projects with polymer clay
  • Coding molecule models
  • Surface tension challenges
  • Buoyancy and density experiments in the laboratory and with computer simulation
  • Lego periodic table  and molecules
  • Write your name in periodic table symbols
  • Design and build model boats with penny challenge
  • Design and building cardboard boats
  • The 3rd annual Extreme STEAM Regatta

Common Vocabulary and Cross-Cutting Concepts:

  • condensation
  • precipitation
  • infiltration
  • groundwater
  • aquifer
  • collection
  • runoff
  • evaporation
  • cohesion
  • ionic bonds
  • covalent bonds
  • water vapor